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    Are your tagine Foodsafe?
    Our tagines are foodsafe, and made with specially imported European glazing to meet FDA standards for lead content, unlike tagines sold in the markets in Morocco which do not adhere to this requirement. In order to be safe, you should always ask before you purchase.

    Do all tagines have a hole on top?
    No, only the ones that create a seal when closed. All others do not need or have it. The exception to this rule is Le Creuset as we feel that it is missing the hole but nothing that can't be fixed by sticking a spoon on the side for steam to escape.

    What's the maximum temperature I can use to cook with my tagine?
    Please use no higher than "Low-Med Heat" or the "4" setting, should your stove settings have numbers. Although you will not see a reaction immediately, check after 5 minutes and you will be able to see the tagine simmering. If you are cooking in the oven 350 F is the maximum you should use.

    Are the measurements listed for outside or inside dimensions? 
    All dimensions listed online are from outside measurements. The height is not important and it varies slightly.How do I season my tagine?Please visit our blog at itagine.com for photo instructions, or simply click here.

    Do I need to soak my tagine every time before I cook in it?
    No you don't. You only soak it in water if you have not used it for months at a time.

    Do I need to use a diffuser with your tagines?
    No it is not necessary but recommended if you have one. As long as you cook on low heat our tagines do not need a diffuser.

    Is it normal to end up with a burn mark in the tagine after cooking?
    Yes it is normal. You can scrub it lightly to remove any food residue but the stain itself is normal and will not affect your future cooking. 

    What size tagine do I need?
    Although everybody's requirement is different, our 10" wide tagines are only for single serving, our 11-12" tagines can serve 2-3, 13-14" wide serves 4-6, and our largest 15-16" tagine will serve 6-8.

    Can I cook in tagines on stove top and in the oven?
    On gas and electric?All of our tagines can be used on stove top or in the oven, whether gas or electric.

    Do you send recipes with the tagines?
    We have a few recipes listed online. We are working on compiling more recipes for our customers. This has proven more difficult that we thought but still working on it. Also, please visit our blog at itagines.comas we are listing more recipes.

    Which is better: Glazed or Unglazed tagines?
    Hard question. If you are going to use tagines to cook frequently, say weekly, then unglazed tagines are best in our opinion, because they provide an earthy flavor to you dishes. Otherwise, and this is what most people do, the glazed tagines are better for you because as they are stored away, they do not develop that "closet" scent the way the unglazed tagines would.

    Is your website secure?
    All online transactions are handled with industry-standard SSL encryption, which provides the confidentiality and security of your transactions. We do not share or sale your information except with the shipping company in order to provide you with tracking information.Please let us know if you have any questions, click here. We will add the most frequent ones here for others to read.